What you'll learn on this Holiday 

We want your photography holiday to be a combination of fun and learning, so the learning will be both informal and individual.  There will be a few group sessions, which are optional and which will cover some basic principles; the main emphasis will be on learning in practical situations and enjoying the experience.

For us, photography is about developing your own style and approach.  Our role, therefore, is to encourage and support, providing guidance and specific tuition where necessary to enable you to progress, improve your technique and see the ordinary in a new light.  We will always be on hand to advise but want to encourage you to make you own decisions and be confident enough to believe in your own ability.   

On this photography holiday you will learn:

  • The rules of composition (and when to break them)

  • To use exposure and ISO to best effect

  • About using 'depth of field' to isolate your subject

  • How to master your camera or phone, and utilise their essential modes and functions

  • Landscape, wildlife and close-up photography techniques